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Child & Family Services Ballarat Inc
Child & Family Services (CAFS) is a community service organisation that provides a range of programs and services to children, young people and families who are vulnerable or in need of support. Main service areas include: family and early childhood services; out of home care and support services; homelessness assistance and community services; family violence intervention and family support programs.

CAFS provides a number of services which include Family Services; in-home support, Day Stay Program, parenting and mentoring groups; Parenting Assistance and Skills Development Services (PADSD) for families referred by Child Protection, Families First & Child FIRST; Out of home care and support services; Family Violence Intervention & Family Support Programs, Housing Support Services, Gambler's Help Service, Financial Counselling, PACT programs (Housing advocacy and support), VCAT Duty Service.
Contact Information
Mailing Address : 115 Lydiard Street North
Phone (BH) : 03 5327 1107
Fax : 03 5332 1724
eMail Address : ceo@cafs.org.au
Street Address : 113 Lydiard Street North

Last Updated : 16-Jun-2016  
Department of Health & Human Services
The Department of Health & Human Services is a Victorian Government department that plans, funds and delivers community health and housing services in line with the government's vision for making Victoria a stronger, more caring and innovative state. Services include a range of specialist support programs which are available for individuals with disabilities.

The Office of Housing provides public housing assistance and Bond Assistance. Grampians Youth Justice Unit offers services for youths who have been placed on statutory orders by the Criminal division of the Children’s Court and for those exiting Youth Justice. The Victorian Child Protection Unit investigates matters where it is alleged that a child is at risk of harm including physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect. (Phone 1800 000 551)
Contact Information
Operating Hours : 8.30am to 5.00pm
Mailing Address : PO Box 712
Street Address : 402 Mair Street

Last Updated : 15-Jan-2016  
WRISC Family Violence Support Inc
WRISC provides free and confidential support for women and children who are experiencing family violence. This support service is provided by women for women and children.

An outreach service can be provided to clients in Ballarat and outlying areas. WRISC also has indigenous workers to provide culturally sensitive support. WRISC has support groups for women and art therapy groups for children. Individual counselling is available for children.
Contact Information
Operating Hours : The service is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
WRISC does not operate an after-hours service, women can contact the Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service (WDVCS) on 1800 015 188 should they need assistance after hours.
In an emergency call 000

The WRISC premises are wheelchair accessible.
Mailing Address : PO Box 92
Phone (BH) : 03 5333 3666
Fax : 03 5332 7778
Website Address : www.wrisc.org.au
eMail Address : wrisc@wrisc.org.au
Last Updated : 08-Jun-2017