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Ballarat GCO Swimming Club
The club caters for the varied needs of its members, from those looking to improve their technique or fitness or those looking to compete. The club is a family oriented club, but you don't need to have children to become a club member or to become involved. The club offers lean to swim, plus Squad training for non-competitors and competitors of all levels - novice, junior and senior.

Squad Training and learn to swim.
Contact Information
Operating Hours : Squad training Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Lean to Swim (LTS) Thursday evenings.
Mailing Address : PO Box 1709
Phone (BH) : 03 5327 9179
Website Address : www.ballaratgco.org.au
Last Updated : 08-Sep-2014  
Ballarat Gold Swimming Club Inc
Ballarat Gold is home to almost 70 competitive Swimmers, Life Members, Parents, Adult Swimmers and Coaches.

The Swimmers learn dedication, perseverance and goal setting, through a training regime (5.15am starts) which can only be described as challenging. Swimmers develop confidence, satisfaction, social skills and over all physical health.

As a Club, the Swimmers who vary in age from 8 – 20 all contribute to the success of Ballarat Gold with their commitment, attitude and also performances. This is best portrayed when the club is entered in Relays, the camaraderie, excitement and team work shines out.
Contact Information
Mailing Address : PO Box 459
Mobile Phone : 0417 534 890 - Mark
eMail Address : goldtreasurer@hotmail.com
Last Updated : 08-Sep-2014  
Ballarat Swimming Club Inc
The Ballarat Swimming Club is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to facilitate the development of competitive swimming for its members (most of whom are junior). It achieves this by building a friendly, family-based environment, which is supportive and instructive to both the swimmers and their families who sacrifice much time and effort to help them develop. We believe that swimming is fun and that every swimmer who puts in effort is deserving of support and praise.

The Ballarat Swimming Club prides itself on the way it provides for the full range of competitive swimming experiences - from the very young who are just emerging from swimming lessons right through to the elite swimmers looking for national selection.
Contact Information
Contact Name : Vicki Brown
Mailing Address : PO Box 1251
Mobile Phone : 0419 090 317
Street Address : Gillies Street North

Last Updated : 07-Aug-2015