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Eureka Orienteers (Foot & Mountain Bike)
Eureka Orienteers is a Ballarat-based recreation club, responsible for the organisation and promotion of Orienteering in central Western Victoria. Orienteering is a family of outdoor sports that involves navigating with a map and compass around a set course, defined by several control points, in a timed race against the clock.

Orienteering is unique in that everyone involved at an event can participate or compete on exactly the same maps and terrain. From rank beginners, to world-class elite athletes, to family groups, and nature-loving bushwalkers. Participant ages typically range from under 5, through to 95 plus, and events cater for all ages and levels of fitness, maturity and experience. Orienteering develops skills in navigation, self-confidence, self-reliance and environmental appreciation, which are all great l
Contact Information
Contact Name : Mark Valentine
Mailing Address : PO Box 490
Phone (BH) : 03 5338 1220
Mobile Phone : 0418 310 125
Last Updated : 19-Sep-2014