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Ballarat & District Aboriginal Co-Op Ltd
BADAC is the Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation (ACCO) for the Ballarat and district areas.

Baarlijan Medical Clinic
Stolen Generations - Bringing them Home
Koori Youth Justice Worker
Local Justice Worker Program
Home and Community Care (HACC)
Aboriginal Family Decision Making (AFDM)
Koori Family Services
Kinship Care
Integrated Family Services
Housing and Emergency Housing
Junior Youth Group
Koori Playgroup
Koori Pre School Assistants
Contact Information
Mailing Address : PO Box 643
Phone (BH) : 03 5331 5344
Mobile Phone : 0400 520 313
Fax : 03 5333 1637
Website Address : www.badac.net.au
eMail Address : iskelton@badac.net.au
Street Address : 5 Market Street

Last Updated : 16-Aug-2018  
Ballarat Community Health
The Ballarat Community Health Centre provides the community with quality and affordable health care whilst promoting health and wellbeing. Working in partnership with the community, to create opportunities and supportive environments which empower people to develop healthy lifestyles and prevent or manage illness.

Services provided include:
- Alcohol and Other Drug Services
- Health Education and Promotion
- Youth Outreach Service
- Youth Housing (Homelessness/Accommodation services)
- Creating Connections (Life and Living Skills for Homeless Youth)
- Youth Support Services
- Sexual Health Clinic
- Counselling
- Refugee and Immigration Support
- Youth Lawyer
- Mental Health / Community Health Nursing
- Support Groups
- Child Care
- Family Violence Survivors Women's Support Group

Contact Information
Operating Hours : Centres are located at:

Lucas - 12 Lilburne Street, Lucas
Wendouree - 10 Learmonth Road, Wendouree
Sebastopol - 260 Vickers Street, Sebastopol
Mailing Address : PO Box 1156
Phone (BH) : 03 5338 4500
Mobile Phone : 0457 904 122
Fax : 03 5331 5470
Website Address : www.bchc.org.au
eMail Address : accounts@bchc.org.au
Street Address : 12 Lilburne Street

Last Updated : 07-Jan-2016  
Drug Help Line
The Family Drug Helpline is a 24 hour service offering support, information strategies for change and referral to anyone affected by another's alcohol or other drug misuse. People calling the Helpline may be concerned about a relative, friend, workmate or neighbour. The drug of concern may be alcohol, an illegal substance, or a prescription drug.

The helpline is provided through a partnership between Family Drug Help, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Service to ensure a responsive 24 hour service

The Helpline is staffed by trained Peer Support Volunteers from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Calls outside these hours are normally answered by professional staff at Turning Point Directline telephone support service. All Peer Support Volunteers have personal experience of a family members misuse of alcohol or other drugs within their family or friendship group. We believe that this experience gives Peer Support Volunteers an understanding of the needs of others who share this experience.
Contact Information
Contact Name : Linda Millard
Mailing Address : 47 Luttet Street
Toll Free Number : 1300 660 068
Mobile Phone : 0400 106 358
Last Updated : 02-Oct-2013